Single Asset SPVs: Services & Pricing


    Price Estimate: To get a price estimate for fund administration of one or multiple single asset SPVs, please enter your information into the calculator below.


    Deposit: There is a $2K deposit per SPV and the remainder is paid upon the first closing of the SPV. Finally also offers a customer friendly annual payment model unlike other fund admin service providers which charge 7-10 years upfront.


    Single Asset SPV Calculator

    The Benefits Of A Master Series LLC With Single Asset SPVs Under It: A Master Series LLC can have one or multiple single asset SPVs underneath it. This structure also provides for cost savings as you don't need a seperate LLC for each investment you make which otherwise would have annual legal maintenance fees per SPV.


    You will have a Master LLC entity (A Custom Name LLC or using Finally's Master LLC called "Master Fund I LLC") with one or multiple single asset SPVs under the Master LLC. A single asset SPVs is created for each investment you make. This structure provides the flexibility of offering investment opportunities on a deal-by-deal basis to your investors, where different investors can invest different amounts in each investment opportunity and where the management fee and carried interest can be customized per SPV.


    You can also have multi-asset SPVs under the Master LLC. To learn more about multi-asset SPVs, cllick here.