Single Asset SPVs: Structures, Services, & Pricing


    Finally is a full-service fund administration platform where Fund Managers can create a Master Series LLC (a Fund Entity) and have one or multiple Single-Asset SPVs underneath the Master Series LLC. Each Single Asset SPV can invest into an opportunity such as a company, a fund, or a real estate property, etc.


    Use Finally's calculator below to get a pricing estimate for a single asset SPV.


    Note: Fund Managers can also create one or multiple multi-asset SPVs under a Master Series LLC. Click here to learn more about multi-asset SPVs.


    Click here to schedule a call to discuss with Finally's team what type of fund structure you would like to create and we can provide a custom quote for you.

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    There Are Many Benefits To Using A Master Series LLC To Create One Or Multiple Single-Asset SPVs

    • Invest In One Or Multiple Opportunties: A Master Series LLC can have one or multiple single-asset SPVs underneath it. Think of the Master Series LLC as your parent fund entity, under which you can have one or multiple single-asset SPVs (e.g. investments into companies, funds, or real estate opportunities).
    • Offer Your Investors The Ability To Invest On A Deal-by-Deal Basis: A fund manager's investors can have discretion to invest on a deal-by-deal basis, selecting which single asset SPV (i.e. which portfolio company) they want to invest in, and they will then have a percent ownership of the single asset SPV. Example: $50K (Individual investor's investment) of $500K (total capital invested into the single asset SPV by all of your investors) = the individual investor would own 10% of the single asset SPV.
    • Deal-by-Deal Carried Interest & Flexible Fund Terms per SPV: With the single asset SPV model, fund managers benefit from deal-by-deal carried interest and can customize the amount of management fees and carried interest on per SPV basis.
    • Custom Naming Of SPV Entities: Customize your Master Series LLC fund name (e.g. "Your Fund Name LLC") or use Finally's Master Series LLC called "Master Fund I LLC", where each single asset SPV investment would be named "Opportunity Name, a Series of Your Fund Name LLC".
    • Save Money: The Master Series LLC / SPV Fund model is a structure that provides cost savings for fund managers because you don't need to create a seperate LLC for each investment which would have annual legal maintenance fees per LLC.
    • Fund Doc Templates: Finally provides fund managers with the fund doc templates for the Master Series LLC and for Single-Asset SPVs which can then be further customized.


    Finally Is A Full Service Fund Admin Platform

    • Private Labeled Investor Portal: Fund Managers get their own private labeled investor portal for investors to view investment opportunties, sign subscription docs, access wire instructions, receive wires from your investors and send distributions to your investors from within the platform, and share portfolio updates.
    • A Dedicated Fund Admin Support Team: Each Fund Manager gets assigned to a dedicated Finally Client Manager to get setup and to work on each deal from begining to end.
    • Legal Entity Setup: Finally can set up legal entities (LLCs, GPs, LPs, Corporations, S Corps, etc.) in any state within the United States (often Delaware) or internationally (Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Mauritius, etc.)
    • Bank Accounts: Finally has partnerships with a number of banks both in the United States and internationally to setup one or multiple bank accounts for your funds operations.
    • KYC/AML: Finally provides KYC/AML checks for all investors.
    • Fund Accounting & Taxes / K1s: Finally has a dedicated accoutning and tax team that prepares the accounts and taxes / K1s for all your investors across all your investments, which are accessed from with your investor portal.
    • Management Accounting & Corporate Tax: Finally provides operational management accounting and corportate tax services for the Fund Management LLC entities.
    • Distributions: Finally can manage the distributions to your investors, either on one a time basis or a recurring basis.
    • Audit: Custom quotes can be provided by third party audit partners in Finally's network.
    • Legal: Finally can recommend a trusted legal partner to edit and/or consult with you on your fund documents. 


    Pricing: Master Series LLC & Single-Asset SPVs


    Pricing: Finally provides custom pricing for each Single-Asset SPV based on the number of investors and total amount of capital.


    Deposit: There is a $2,000 deposit per SPV and the remainder is paid upon the closing of each SPV.


    Annual Payment For Fund Admin: Finally offers a customer friendly annual payment model unlike other fund admin service providers which charge 7-10 years upfront. However, if you would prefer to pre-pay for 7-10 years for fund admin services, please let us know and we can provide you with discounted pricing.


    Calculator: Single Asset SPVs


    Use the calculator below to get a pricing estimate for creating and managing a Master Series LLC and creating one or multiple Single Asset SPVs. Note: The final invoice will be based on the final amount of capital closed and the number of investors per Single Asset SPV.