Company Investment Admin: Services & Pricing


    Legal Entity Formation & Maintenance: Finally can create your LLC, Partnership, Corporation, S-Corp, etc. across geographies in the United States and internationally (Cayman Islands, British Virigin Islands, Luxembourg, Mauritius, etc.).


    Streamline The Capital Raising Process & Improve Your Engagement With Your Investors: If you are a company raising capital, use Finally to streamline the capital raising process using your own private labeled investor portal for investors to submit their commitment amounts, sign docs, and wire capital, as well as upload and share company updates.


    Investment Docs: Finally provides standard investment doc templates for SAFEs, Convertible Notes, Term Sheets, & Preferred Equity rounds.


    Legal Counsel: Leverage Finally's legal partners to customize, edit, and review investment docs and other legal matters.


    Taxes, Accounting, & Audit: Finally has a dedicated tax and accounting team to provide annual taxes and quarterly and annual corporate accounting, as well as 3rd party partners for conducting quarterly and annual audits.


    Deposit: There is a $3K deposit per investment round and the remainder is paid upon the first closing of each investment round.

    Finally offers an annual payment model unlike other investment admin service providers which charge 7-10 years upfront.


    Schedule A Call: Use this link to schedule a call to discuss with Finally's team what prior investment rounds you have completed, current investment rounds you're doing, and future financing rounds you have planned. We can put together a custom pricing quote for you.


    Get A Price Estimate: Use the calculator below to get a pricing estimate for creating and managing a company legal entity for investors to invest in. Note: The final invoice will be based on the final amount of capital closed, number of financing rounds, and the number of investors.

  • Calculator: Company Investment Administration Per Investment Round