• Your Fund Admin Platform For SPVs & Funds

  • Finally Is Your "Financial Ally" For Fund Administration

    Finally Provides A De-Risked Approach To Fund Admin, Saves Fund Mangers Money, & Increases Happiness For Fund Managers & Their Investors By Effectively Delivering On Fund Admin Services


    How Is Finally Different From Other Fund Admin?


    Better Pricing: Use our pricing calculators to get an estimate for your fund admin costs: Single-Asset SPV Calculator, Multi-Asset SPVs / Fund Calculator, Transfer SPVs/Funds From Another Fund Admin. Finally offers competitive, flexible, and friendly annual pricing.


    All-Inclusive Fund Admin Services: Finally does it all! You don't need any other service providers to have a complete fund admin solution. Services include:

    • Legal Entity Formation & Maintenance
    • SPV/Fund Docs: Use Finally's Standard Docs & Use Custom Docs (PPM, OA, Subscription Doc)
    • White Labeled Investor Portal
    • Banking (U.S. / International / Crypto)
    • KYC/AML
    • Form D & Blue Sky Filings
    • Bookkeeping (Tracking across bank accounts, sub docs, and investor portal)
    • Taxes / K1s
    • Accounting / Audit
    • Sending Distributions
    • Winding down entities

    Additional Optional Services:

    • Using Finally's Master LLC vs. Using A Custom Master LLC
    • Signing Docs & Wiring On Behalf Of Fund Managers
    • Collecting Quarterly Updates (Financials, Operational Bullets, Cap Tables, etc.)

    Dedicated Human Fund Admin Support: You will have a dedicated fund admin client support manager working with along the way. They will support you in the on boarding process, getting the investor portal setup, supporting you with bookkeping for the signing of docs and receipt of wires, coordinating with Finally's tax/accounting team to make sure K1s and financial statements are completed on time, sending distributions, and helping to respond to questions and requests from your investors.


    A White Labeled Investor Portal: Each fund manager gets their own white labeled private branded investor portal. Enjoy the benefits of using one of the most feature rich and robust investor portals on the market. Using the investor portal investors can submit the amount they want to invest per deal or fund, sign their subscription docs, and wire. The investor portal platform also enables investors to be able to wire from their bank from within the investor portal or they can use standard wire instructions. Note: Finally can be your fund admin using any investor portal, whether you're currently or planning to use another investor portal in the future.


    Banking: Finally has preferred banking partners for U.S., international, and crypto funds. You as the fund manager will always have a direct relationship with the banking partner and control over the bank account.


    A Sustainable Business Model: Finally has a sustainable business model, where the costs to fund managers are the actual costs of doing fund admin plus a small profit margin so we can continue providing great service. You don't have to worry about Finally going out of business and having to transfer to another fund admin solution provider in the future.


    Caution #1: Pre-Paying Multiple Years For Services. The fund admin industry has felt the negative effects of fund managers pre-paying for fund admin services for multiple years in advance that were then never delivered because either the portfolio company had an early exit, was wound down, or the fund admin went out of business. With Finally you will only pay for the services you receive with our annual pricing model.


    Caution #2: Going After The Lowest Price. If you're going after the lowest price in the fund admin industry and you find lower fund admin prices compared to Finally, it will only be because:

    1. The service provider does not provide all of the fund admin services that you will still need to pay for, so in the end the price will be the same once included. 
    2. The service provider is not including all of the fund admin costs in their price quote, but once included final price will be the same or higher compared to Finally, unless they are operating on a lower profit margin which is already quite low.
    3. They service provider is only a technology investor portal platform. They don't provide dedicated human fund admin support which is necessary for maintaining bookkeeping, accounting, and getting K1s done on time.  In this situation you as the fund manager will a) have to do much of the fund admin services yourself, which can be complicated, is time consuming, and likely not worth it in the end compared to the small additional cost of getting human fund admin support or b) you will still have to hire one or multiple service providers to complete the fund admin services (Bookkeeping, Taxes, K1s, Accounting, Audit, Distributions, etc.).
    4. They service provider has an unsustainable business model and they will eventually go out of business unless they can keep burning VC dollars.  You will then have to spend additional time and money to transfer to a new fund admin in the future once you become so annoyed that they don't deliver on their fund admin services or after they go out of business.

    Caution #3: Banking. Many other fund admin service providers don't provide a direct relationship to your banking provider, leaving many fund managers unable to access or control their bank accounts. This is especially challenging if your fund admin goes out of business.


    Caution #4: Tax/Accounting. Our previous experience with other fund admin service providers was they they were challenged in 3 key areas:

    1. Scale: They did not have a scalable solution for providing tax and accounting services by using an in-house tax/accounting team.  While the number of customers grew, the internal tax/accounting team never scaled and as a result the delivery of services became weak, late, or non-existent.  Finally has designed a scalable business model that scales with customer growth and uses a U.S. based tax/accounting partner.   
    2. Communication: You were unable to speak with the specific person who do the tax/accounting for you. With Finally, you can speak with the specific person that did your tax/accounting. 
    3. Late K1s: The biggest reason for K1s being late is that information was not collected in advance and all of the work was being done during tax season.  Finally has developed an innovative process to ensure all information is collected and tracked in advance to provide a more seamless K1s processing. 

  • Create SPVs & Funds For Venture Capital & Private Equity Investments

    Finally, A Fund Platform That Provides Everything You Need:

    White Labeled Investor Portal

    Investor Registration

    Showcase Investment Opportunities

    Collect Commitments

    Sign Subscription Docs

    Pull Capital From Investor Bank Accounts

    E-mail & Show Portfolio Updates

    Show Investment Performance

    Investment Docs

    Use Standard Docs Or Custom Docs For Your SPVs & Funds

    Finally Will Form The Legal Entities For Your SPVs (Master + SPVs) or Funds (Fund, GP, Management Co.)

    A Dedicated & Trained Fund Admin Professional Is Provided

    Manages The Entire Deal Process From Beginning To End With You

    Collects Portfolio Updates: Operational Updates, Financial Bullets, Latest Cap Table

    Fund Accounting

    Incoming Wires From Investors

    Wires To Portfolio Companies

    Fund Expenses

    Management Fees

    Distributions To Investors & Carried Interest To GPs

    Accounting & Audit: Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual As Requested


    Choose One Of Our Preferred Banking Partners For Receiving & Sending Wires

    Or Choose Your Own Bank

    KYC/AML & Taxes/K1s

    Quickly Process KYC/AML Checks

    Provide K1s For Investors