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    Create & Manage SPVs, Funds, & Direct Investments

  • Finally = Your "Financial Ally"

    Finally Provides An All-Inclusive Investment Administration Platform, Including:

    A Private Labeled Investor Portal, Legal Entity Formation (U.S. & International) & EINs, Fund Doc Templates (Single & Multi Asset-SPVs, LP Fund Entities, Evergreen Funds, Fund-of-Funds), Investment Doc Templates (SAFEs, Convertible Notes, Term Sheets, & Preferred Equity), Creating Banking Acounts & Sending Wires (U.S., International, & Crypto), KYC/AML, Taxes/K1s, Accounting, Audit, and a Dedicated Client Manager to support your setup and deal process from beginning to end.

  • Who Uses Finally Fund Admin?

    Fund Managers:

    Venture Capital Funds (Investing Pre-Seed To Series C+)

    Private Equity Funds (Growth Equity, LBOs, Pre-IPO, Real Estate, Fund-of-Funds, etc.)

    Public Equity Funds & Crypto Funds


    Startups and later stage companies (Pre-Seed to Series C+) looking to streamline their capital raising process and engagement with their investors.

  • What Would You Like To Do?

    Create Single-Asset SPVs


    Single-Asset SPVs offer a simple fund structure for fund managers to offer "deal-by-deal" investment opportunities (e.g. Startups, Funds, Real Estate, etc.) to a group of investors where each investor has discretion to choose which opportunity to invest in.


    The Single-Asset SPV model is often used by angel groups, investor syndicates, and as a side-car vehicle / parralel fund for LPs in a committed fund to invest additional capital on a deal-by-deal basis.


    Create Multi-Asset SPVs

    or LP Funds


    Multi-SPVs and LP Funds provide a fund structure where fund managers can offer their investors the ability to invest into a fund entity (Multi-Asset SPV Fund Entity or Limited Partnership Fund Entity) that invests into multiple opportunities (e.g. Startups, Funds, Real Estate, etc.).


    Fund managers select which opportunities will be included in the fund entity and how much to invest in each opportunity. Investors own a percentage of the overall fund entity.

    Transfer From Another Investment Administrator


    Are you unhappy with your current investment admin service provider (e.g. Carta, AngelList, Allocations, Sydecar, etc.)?


    Our company name "Finally" was inspired by the pain and frustration we experienced using the "other" investment administrators, which created a strong desire to "Finally have an investment administration platform that delivers on the services paid for and offers exceptional customer service to companies and investors."


    Raise Capital For Your Startup & Engage With Your Investors


    Companies use Finally to:

    • Create their legal entities
    • Streamline their capital raising process by creating a private labeled investor portal to invite investors to review pitch decks, investment docs (SAFEs, Convertible Notes, & Preferred Equity), sign subscription docs, access the wire instructions or wire from within the investor portal, and upload updates to share with investors
    • Receive tax, accounting, and audit services
  • Finally's Adminstration Platform Includes:

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    Private Labeled Investor Portal

    Customized URL

    Your Logo & Brand Colors

    Robust Mobile & Desktop Platform

    Dynamic Investor Registration

    Showcase Investment Opportunities

    Collect Investor Commitments

    Receive Signed Subscription Docs

    Investors Can Send Wires & Receive Distributions From Within The Platform

    E-mail & Share Portfolio Updates

    Download Signed Docs & Tax Docs

    Show Performance Metrics

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    Legal Entity Formation & Investment Docs

    Creation & Maintenance Of Legal Entities (Company Entities, Fund Entities, GP Entities, Management Co. Entities)

    Investment Docs: Use Finally's Standard Doc Templates (Master Series LLC, Single Asset/Multi-Asset SPVs, Term Sheets, Traditional Funds, Evergreen Funds, Fund-of-Funds, SAFEs, Convertible Notes, Preferred Equity, etc.) or use a trust legal partner to customize the investment docs.

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    A Dedicated Client Manager

    Manages The Setup & Investment Process From Beginning To End

    Bookkeeping & Reconsiling Across Subscription Docs, Wires Received, & Updating The Investor Portal

    Signs Docs & Sends Wires

    Collects Portfolio Updates: Operational Updates, Financial Bullets, Latest Cap Table

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    Accounting, Tax, & Audit

    A dedicated team of accounting and tax experts

    Services for Companies, SPVs, & Funds

    Accounting & Audit: Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual As Requested

    K1s Processed & Distributed Per Investor

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    KYC & AML

    Quickly Process KYC/AML Checks

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    Choose One Of Our Preferred Banking Partners For Receiving & Sending Wires In The U.S. or Internationally, or Choose Your Own Bank

    Able To Use All Currencies & Crypto

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    Legal Support

    Finally has lawyers that specialize is venture capital, private equity, and public equities

    Create or review legal entities, term sheets, and investment docs

  • How Is Finally Fund Admin Different From Other Investment Administration Platforms?

    lower-costfeature-richbookkeepingreconciliationbeginningonboardingCore Mission: Finally provides a de-risked and innovative approach to investment administration, is cost effective, & increases the happiness for fund managers, companies, and investors by delivering great service. Finally was founded by top tier fund managers with 70+ years of investment experience who have used many other investment admin service providers over the years and after being disappointed with the quality of service and available solutions in the market decided to build an innovative solution that solved the key challenges they experienced within the industry.


      Better Pricing: Finally offers a custom and dynamic pricing model based on total capital, number of investors, and number of investments.  


     All-Inclusive Investment Admin Services:

    • Private Labeled Investor Portal: Custom URL, with personal branding of logo and brand colors
    • Legal Entities: Formation and maintenance of legal entities (LLCs, LP Entities, GP Entities, Corporations, S Corps, etc.).
    • Fund Docs: Use Finally's standard fund doc templates (PPM, Operating Agreement, Subscription Doc) to create Master Series LLCs, Single & Multi-Asset SPVs, Committed Funds, Evergreen Funds, and Fund-of-Funds, or customize the fund docs.
    • Investment Docs: SAFEs, Convertible Notes, & Preferred Equity. Use Finally's standard doc templates or customize the investment docs.
    • Banking Setup & Management: U.S. Funds, International Funds, & Crypto Funds
    • Investor Background Checks: KYC/AML
    • Filings: Form D & Blue Sky
    • Bookkeeping: Tracking across bank accounts, subscription docs, and investor portal
    • Wires: Receive wires from investors, send wires for investments, manage distributions to investors
    • Taxes: Investor Taxes (K1s) & Corporate Taxes
    • Accounting: Quarterly & Annual Accounting, Fund Accounting & Corporate Accounting
    • Audit: Finally has 3rd party audit partners to conduct quarterly and annual audits
    • Legal: Finally has a network of trusted and fair priced lawyers to edit documents and provide consultation on legal matters
    • Winding down entities


    Additional Services:

    • Use Finally's Master Series LLC (Master Fund I LLC) to save on operating costs or use a Custom Master Series LLC
    • Have Finally sign docs & wire on behalf of fund managers to save time and money on operations
    • Have Finally collect portfolio quarterly updates: Financials, Operational Bullets, Cap Tables, etc.


    Dedicated Client Manager Support: You will have an assigned and dedicated Client Manager to work with from begining to end for each investment and fund entity. They will support you with:

    • The on boarding process
    • Getting the private labeled investor portal setup
    • Provide bookkeeping and reconsiliation between signed docs, wires received, and investor portal data points
    • Coordinating with Finally's tax/accounting team to make sure K1s and financial statements are completed correctly and on time
    • Sending wires and distributions
    • Helping to respond to questions and requests from your investors 


    A Private Labeled Investor Portal: Each fund manager and company gets their own private labeled branded investor portal. Enjoy the benefits of using one of the most feature rich and robust investor portals on the market. Using the investor portal your investors are able to submit the amount they want to invest per deal or fund, sign their subscription docs, and wire from within the platform or by using wire instructions. The investor portal is also used for sharing portfolio updates with investors, tracking all investments made (total contributions vs. distributions), and key customized metrics (ARR, IRR, TVPI, MOIC, etc.). Note: While clients can use Finally's investor portal (recommended), Finally can also manage a client's existing investor portal platform or use a lower cost and simpler option such as Box.com.


    Banking: Finally has preferred banking partners for U.S., international, and crypto funds. You as the fund manager will always have a direct relationship with the banking partner and control over the bank account.


    A Sustainable Business Model: Finally has one of the most sustainable business models in the industry. Finally's business model is simple, as it's a cost + margin business model. Finally cost to clients is the actual total cost of doing investment admin plus a ~15% profit margin so we can continue to provide great service at a great price. You don't have to worry about Finally going out of business and having to transfer to another investment admin solution provider in the future.

  • Finally An Investment Admin Solution Where:

    Docs Are Signed On-Time

    Wires Are Sent On-Time

    K1s Are Completed On-Time

    Portfolio Updates Are Provided On-Time

    Your Investors Receive Timely Responses To Their Questions

    Your Investors Have Transparency On Investments Made & Their Performance

    It's At An Affordable Price That Doesn't Sacrifice The Quality Of Experience For You & Your Investors