• Your Fund Admin Platform

  • Finally Is Your "Financial Ally" For Fund Administration

    Save Money & Increase Happiness For You & Your Investors!


    Finally Offers A Hybrid Solution By Combing An Internal Fund Admin Platform With A Dedicated External Team Of Professionals To Support Your Fund's Operations.


    Better pricing compared to other 3rd party fund administration solution providers. Use our pricing calculators to get an estimate for your fund admin costs: SPV Calculator, Fund Calculator, Transfers Calculator.


    A better experience for you and your investors by bringing your fund admin in-house and where you are more in control over the signing of docs and sending wires for operating your fund.


    Have your own white-labeled branded investor portal, where investors can submit the amount they want to invest, sign their subscription docs, and wire. The platform enables investors to wire from their bank within the investor portal too!


    Have dedicated fund admin support, yes an actual human, to help manage the deal process with you every step of the way.


    All of your fund admin operations are covered, including the formation and creation of the SPVs and Fund legal entities, setting up bank accounts, KYC/AML checks for investors, fund accounting, taxes, and K1s!

  • Create SPVs & Funds For Venture Capital & Private Equity Investments

    Finally, A Fund Platform That Provides Everything You Need:

    White Labeled Investor Portal

    Investor Registration

    Showcase Investment Opportunities

    Collect Commitments

    Sign Subscription Docs

    Pull Capital From Investor Bank Accounts

    E-mail & Show Portfolio Updates

    Show Performance

    Investment Docs

    Use Standard Docs Or Custom Docs For Your SPVs & Funds

    Finally Will Form The Legal Entities For Your SPVs (Master + SPVs) or Funds (Fund, GP, Management Co.)

    A Dedicated & Trained Fund Admin Professional Is Provided

    Manages The Entire Deal Process From Beginning To End With You

    Collects & Drafts Portfolio Updates: Operational & Financial Bullets

    Fund Accounting

    Incoming Wires From Investors

    Wires To Portfolio Companies

    Fund Expenses

    Management Fees

    Distributions To Investors & Carried Interest To GPs


    Choose One Of Our Preferred Banking Partners For Receiving & Sending Wires

    Or Choose Your Own Bank

    KYC/AML & Taxes

    Quickly Process KYC/AML Checks

    Provide K1s For Investors

  • Finally A Fund Admin Solution Where:

    Docs Are Signed On-Time

    Wires Are Sent On-Time

    K1s Are Completed On-Time

    Portfolio Updates Are Provided On-Time

    Your Investors Receive Timely Responses To Their Questions

    Your Investors Have Transparency On Investments Made & Their Performance

    It's At An Affordable Price That Doesn't Sacrifice The Quality Of Experience For Your & Your Investors